age: 19
birthday: 08.25.04
location: usamerica
gender: girl
feeling: The current mood of amber at

favorite food: shellfish, watermelon, mint ice cream
favorite animals: cats, sharks, webkinz googles
favorite games: pokemon bw/b2w2, splatoon, littlebigplanet2, animal crossing new leaf, roblox, parappa the rapper, earthbound
favorite colors: every shade of blue, bright red

other things i like include:
sleeping all day old technology doc martens jerma985 useless trinkets old web graphics watching people get dissected on youtube
things i HATE (or at the very least don't care for) include:
getting wet dogs social media soda milk being dirty honestly not very much my heart is filled with love

stamp collection

more about me? ok then.
well, at the time of writing this, i'm in my first year of college. my major is undecided, but i know i want to do something involving the medical field. i'm also going to start phlebotomy courses later this year because it sounds like fun and i refuse to get another shitty minumum wage customer service job.
interests-wise, i'm a fan of coding and human anatomy, though i'm definitely not an expert in either field. i'm also trying to learn japanese on the side, though i'm not very far into that yet.

between college and my afformentioned other interests, i don't have much time to play video games anymore (aside from my animal crossing dailies, of course). i do consider myself to be still be a fan of some franchises though. you can find out which ones by taking a look at the box on the left.
my family has four cats. the most important one for you to know about is stinky, because she is my favorite cat, and probably my favorite thing in general. you'll probably end up seeing her face plastered on every inch of this site once everything is finished.
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